SUP Zray X-Rider

The All-Round SUP

310 x 81 x 15 cm (10'2" x 32" x 6")

Niveau : Débutant et intermédiaire Pratique : Balade 4/5, Fitness 3/5, Wave 4/5 and Speed 3/5
SUP Zray X-Rider 9'9

Ultra complete pack

Pagaie incluse

Merit Paddle

Sac de transport

Transport bag


Two-way pump



The All-Round SUP

A well-sized paddle, ideal for anyone wishing to indulge in this trendy sport, whatever their level of practice.

Its length of 310 cm makes it a SUP able to easily pick up in speed while offering reassuring stability thanks to its flat 81 cm wide hull. The rider can optimize its position for hikes on the water for hours long. The central non-slip EVA foam pad brings added comfort to the feet.

A non-slip kick pad placed on the stern helps the rider to steer his SUP in curves and turns. A storage space with bungee straps is provided at the front of the paddle, useful for carrying a picnic, binoculars and other discovery accessories.

UAL technology, drop-stitch manufacturing and its 15 cm thickness provide unparalleled lightness, maneuverability and flotation quality.


Mesure: Longueur

Length 10'2"

At a little over 10', the X-Rider is suitable for small to medium riders wishing to discover sliding on calm waters, such as a lake or a river.

Mesure: Epaisseur

Thickness 6"

Greater than many paddle boards of its size, this thickness gives it the flotation capacity useful for additional loads.

Mesure: Largeur

Width 32"

A width appreciated by the greatest number of riders, because it offers a suitable space for good stability without slowing down the board.

Key Features

Point clé du paddle 1Point clé du paddle 2


Drop Stitch du K8

Drop Stitch Lightweight

Thousands of polyester filaments are contained between the two reinforced PVC walls of the SUP. Inflated under high pressure - 10 to 15 Psi - these filaments stretch and give increased rigidity to the board : known as the Drop Stitch technology. Zray pays particular attention to the density of the filaments of its boards. This new Drop Stitch allows for a lighter construction while increasing the rigidity of the inflatable SUP.


Providing better stability to your board,
the Kick-Pad allows you to navigate and make turns more easily
on the waves.

Mesure: Longueur

Included accessories

Sac de transport

X-Rider transport bag

Compact bag with padded handles and carrying handle. This backpack has been specially designed to fit the SUP and all accessories: deflated SUP + paddle + pump.

Pagaie incluse

"Merit" paddle

A light aluminium paddle, specially designed for the comfort of the rider. Made out of 2 sections, it has a composite blade with a perfect angle for initiation.


Two-way pump

SUP pump with ergonomic handle for twice as fast inflation. The pressure gauge is placed on the pump in order to be able to check the pressure during inflation in Psi and in bars.


Coiled Leash

The use of a safety cord is strongly recommended; it allows you to stay connected to your SUP in all circumstances. The X-rider's safety leash consists of a thermoplastic TPU spiral cord with swivel stainless steel attachment point on the board and strap with sponge finish.


Length / Width / Thickness 310 x 81 x 15 cm (10'2" x 32" x 6")
Net Weight 24 lbs
Fins 1 central slide-in
Number of riders 1
Max. charge 275 lbs
Volume 259L
Inflation pressure 15 psi
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