Poolstar is above all an adventure of passionate professionals.
From envisioning to designing and manufacturing, followed with post sales and training, our staff dedicate their know-how to the creation of products that are innovative and efficient. They also answer the call when post sales support is required and provide valuable technical advice.


Our Research & Development team located within our own premises can directly interact with other departments. Always in quest of new improved designs, it works closely with our engineers to design new products and perfect existing technologies in order to best answer the market and anticipate it.


A product prototype is made based on specifications carefully studied. It will be subject to strict quality controls prior to production being launched. Once manufactured, our products are again tested internally and submitted to an independent body for certification.


Our after-sales service is located within our premises, which enables it to seek information directly with various players and process your request as quickly as possible. You can access this service through our Intranet dedicated to professionals. A dedicated phone line has also been put in place. Our technicians will acknowledge receipt of your request with 72 hours and are committed to find a solution the earliest possible. In order to best accompany our customers, we have put together a complete FAQ section on our website.


Through our FAQ or their professional Intranet, our customers can access to all the technical documentation related to installation and main diagnosis. These documents as well as user guides are made available to our customers. In the same line of support, spare parts can be bought directly on our online store at . All these have been put in place to enable users to extend their product’s service life.


Because Poolstar believes in transmitting its passion, it has partnered with the ISMP (Higher Institute of the Pool Trade) in the department of the Vendée in France where its experts regularly deliver talks and train future pool professionals.