SUP Zray Fury Pro

High Sea Touring

365 x 84 x 15 cm (12' x 33" x 6")

Level: Beginner, Intermediary and Advanced Practice: Ride 4/5, Fitness 4/5, Wave 4/5 and Speed 3/5
SUP Zray Fury Epic

Ultra complete pack

Pagaie incluse

Elite paddle

Sac de transport

Transport bag


Two-way pump



The high sea SUP

As a complete SUP, the Fury Epic is second to none! Its slender lines, pointed nose and 12' length give it a quality of glide appreciated by great riders looking for the most epic performance. Why not two, by the way, since this extremely rigid paddle can hold a maximum capacity of 339 lbs. Two handles are provided on either side of the bow for passenger safety.

For riding safety, the Fury Epic benefits from ZRay's Double Chamber technology. With its length of 12', this SUP meets safety standards allowing outings beyond the 300 m coastal line.

There is a non-slip textured-logo EVA central pad, a standard detail of ZRay SUPs. Very specific to the Fury, two cargo spaces with elastic bungee occupy the front and back of the SUP. The rider can also enjoy his SUP seated with a kayak seat (as an option) that attaches itself using 4 aluminium d-rings.


Mesure: Longueur

Length 12'

This Stand Up Paddle becomes a real craft on the water. At 12', the Fury Epic, which benefits from double chamber technology, will take you beyond the 300 m coast line for memorable outings.

Mesure: Epaisseur

Thickness 6"

The additional volume obtained with 6" of thickness offers increased rigidity to the board. SUPs developed in 6" are suitable for all sizes since the extra thickness will compensate for the sagging caused by a heavier load.

Mesure: Largeur

Width 33"

The width of the Fury Epic offers a comfortable space where the rider easily finds his stability without compromising the speed advantage of the SUP.

Key Features

Point clé du paddle 1Point clé du paddle 2


Drop Stitch du Fury 11'6

Double Chamber

A real innovator in the board sports sector, Z-Ray has developed DCS technology to bring greater safety to the rider and more compactness to inflatable SUPs.

Two separate interior air chambers occupy 50% of the board, ensuring the paddler's safety in the event the SUP leaks. The added chamber features an integrated construction with additional pillars and sidewalls placed in the area below the riders standing position, improving stiffness by 30%. With double chamber construction, the rider will feel like they are standing on a stiff board.

Drop Stitch

With the Drop-Stitch concept, the interior of ZRay SUPs consists of thousands of high density polyester threads which stretch under inflation pressure and increase board stiffness by up to 40%.

Double Layer Fusion

ZRay expands Double Layer Fusion technology to its entire Fury range for the lightest inflatable SUPs on the market. It removes the last element that can still influence on the weight of the board: the glue. By thermally bonding the layers that make up the paddle, the Double Layer Fusion gives the SUP more lightness for increased maneuverability, without any compromise on the compactness of the board. The Fury is 30% stiffer and 25% lighter than a regular board.

Included Accessories

Sac de transport

Premium transport bag

Compact bag with padded handles and carrying handle. This backpack has been specially designed to accommodate the paddle and accessories: deflated SUP + paddle + pump.

Pagaie incluse

Elite paddle

A light aluminum paddle, specially designed for the optimization of the movement and the comfort of the rider. Made in 2 sections, it has a blade with a perfect angle for initiation.


Two-way pump

SUP pump with ergonomic handle for twice the inflation speed. The pressure gauge is placed on the pump in order to be able to follow the evolution of the pressure during inflation in Psi and in bars.


Coiled Leash

The use of a safety ankle leash is strongly recommended; it allows you to stay attached to your SUP in all circumstances. An ultra-comfortable neoprene ankle coiled leash is included in this pack.


Length / Width / Thickness 365 x 84 x 15 cm (12' x 33" x 6")
Net weight 35 lbs
Fins 1 central slide-in + 2 fixed
Number of riders 1 to 2
Max. charge 339 lbs kg
Volume 281L
Inflation pressure 15 psi
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