Why choose the Silverline to heat up your swimming pool

Poolex Silverline: performance or price, the choice is made!

The Silverline remains a trusted value of the Poolex brand. A heat pump that has kept its place on the podium thanks a quality equipment and positioning that defies all competition. A price that is accessible and a selection of capacities that meet the needs of most swimming pool owners.

With the Silverline, you can enjoy your swimming pool from Spring to Fall as in Summer without being out of budget. You have a standard heat pump, which, however, does not undermine any element of quality.

This heat pump is equiped with a high-performance Toshiba compressor and a heat exchanger with double titanium coil, affording it a COP higher than 6. This means that for each kilowatt consumed, it produces 6!

From a usage point of view, the Silverline is a swimming pool heat pump that is easy to use. A Touch & Go LCD control panel informs you on the pump status and water temperature. You will be able to program a set temperature and heating schedule in no time! No need to go up to the pump. With its 10 meter wired control extension, your Silveline heat pump come to you.

Available in 7 capacities, from 5.5 to 22 kW, the Silverline is suited to swimming pools from 30 m3 to 110 m3.

Poolex performance at the best price.

Corrosion and UV-resistant metal casing

The Silveline wants to be efficient and robust right through to its casing! For this, there is nothing quite like a metal casing composed of an anti-corrosion and anti-UV treatment able to resist to weather-related hazards..

Efficient and economical

With the Twisted Tech technology, the exchange surface between the water and the d’échange entre l’eau du bassin et le refrigerant fluid is increased to enhance heat exchange. Rise in temperature is more direct et electrical consumption reduced.

Remote control panel

Why not make life easy by installing the control panel in your technical control room and control your pool heat pump from a distance.

Model Jetline Silverline 55 Jetline Silverline 70 Jetline Silverline 90 Jetline Silverline 120 Jetline Silverline 150 Jetline Silverline 180 Jetline Silverline 220
Pool volume (m3) From 20 to 30 From 30 to 40 From 40 to 50 From 45 to 65 From 65 to 75 From 70 to 90 From 80 to 110
Air 26°C
Water 26°C
Hygro 80%
Capacity (kW) 5.39 7.02 9.31 12.5 15.24 17.92 21.72
Power consumption (kW) 0.88 1.13 1.51 2.01 2.46 2.89 3.51
COP 6.13 6.21 6.17 6.22 6.2 6.2 6.19
Air 15°C
Water 26°C
Hygro 70% 
Capacity (kW) 3.9 5.07 7.05 9.05 10.59 12.6 15.3
Power consumption (kW) 0.81 1.01 1.39 1.78 2.07 2.47 2.98
COP 4.84 5.02 5.07 5.08 5.12 5.1 5.13
Power supply Mono 230 V / 50 Hz
Heating temperature range 15°C~ 40°C
Operating range 5°C~ 43°C
Flow (3/h) 1.86 2.5 3.2 4.01 4.7 5.6 7
Refrigerant R32
Packaging dimensions (mm) 845x330x610 905x350x645 1005x350x750 1150x425x820
Dimensions (mm) 765x310x490 827x340x531 927x340x636 1067x405x692
Net weight (kg) 39 41 49 54 62
Noise at 1 m (db(A)) 46 46 47 48 49 51 51
Noise at 10 m (db(A)) 44 50 59 62 64 72 72
Compressor type Rotary
Compressor brand Toshiba
Heat exchanger Twisted Tech©Titanium
Operation Heating

Heat pump
Against corrosion on the titanium coil

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Sunny side, facing north for defrosting, protecting the neighbourhood, vertical ventilation = space saving.

Coefficient of performance. Seasonal coefficient of performance.

R32 fluid. Refrigerant.

Poolex pool heat pumps.

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