Spa acrylique Design HC1

design hc3 hot tub

Sleek lines, complete equipment and à la carte customization

5 places
3 seated 2 lounged
53 jets
2 massage pumps 1 circulation pump
hot air blower
design hc1
design hc1 size

Sitting or lounged, enjoy a moment of total relaxation

Undecided on the best posture for you? The HC3 accommodates up to 5 people, including 2 lounged. This balanced distribution of the seats promotes both conversation and total relief.

Users immerse themselves in an absolute well-being experience with a set of colours produced by backlighting integrated in the nozzles and a waterfall.

Its 47 hydromassage jets in addition to 6 air jets guarantee a complete in-depth massage.

Add to this some quality background music on the audio system and you will feel completely invigorated when you step out of your spa.

The Design range and its advantages

cuve acrylique

Lucite® ABS/PMMA acrylic inner lining


Stainless steel CMP® jets

panneaux haute densite normawood

Nomawood® high density pannels

panneaux de controle

Balboa® TP800 control panel

design aux ligne fluides

Sleek design

eclairage led

LED lighting, jets & tub


warranty 10 years warranty 2 years

Main Features

UV + ozone treatment

In a hot tub where the high temperature of the water is conducive to the development of microorganisms, efficient and quality treatment is essential. This is why we equip our spas with an in-depth double and all-natural water disinfection system that respects your skin. This limits the use of chemicals.

The ozonizer purifies the water by converting oxygen into ozone, which oxidizes polluting elements and eliminates bacteria, viruses and algae to reduce bad odors and lime formation.

A UV lamp that ensures the water clearness by destroying microorganisms, bacteria and algae.

Carefully selected materials

Holl's spa tubs are manufactured using an exclusive process that gives them exceptional durability and reliability, combining the strength of ABS with the strength of acrylic. The tub's PMMA ABS, used in the optical, automotive and medical industries, is covered with Lucite® acrylic sheet and reinforced with 2 layers of Sirtek polyurethane-based insulation.

The exterior panels that carefully dress Holl's spas are designed using patented processes to resist weathering, UV, high temperatures, scratches, impacts and solvents. They are lined with 10 mm thick PVC foam which insulates the lower part of the bath from possible damp rising and heat loss through the floor.

Thanks to these first-class materials and rigorous testing, the durability and reliability of each spa is beyond reproach.

individual pumps

We have opted to separate massage and filtration pumps to obtain a quieter operation and better energy consumption the hot tub is not in use. Each pump operates on a number of nozzles. The intensity of the massage therefore remains the same whether you are alone or with others.

The filtration pump is calibrated to only filter and thus eliminates the need to operate a massage pump just for the treatment and filtration of the spa. This solution allows a strong reduction in noise when the spa is not in use, as well as a reduction in power consumption.

Hot air blower

Our hot tubs are equipped with a hot air blowers to provide more intense hydrotherapy. Pre-heated air is propelled through the air nozzles. This pre-heated air prevents the water temperature from decreasing when water is being oxygenated.

Massaging jets

The CMP jets in Holl’s hot tubs provide a wide range of massages. Equipped with 4 types of stainless steel nozzles of 3 different sizes, all benefit from the adjustable Venturi effect, adding air to the hydromassage jets. The positioning of the jets is perfectly designed to target specific areas of the body.

Complete audio system

Sound has not been left out with the Bluetooth audio system installed on all Holl's hot tubs. Quality sound for a moment of absolute relaxation. Our Prestige range is also equipped with a subwoofer to make your experience even more intense. Listen to your favorite music in the best of spas.

Colorful and relaxed atmosphere

A set of LED lighting provides the user with all the beneficial effects of chromotherapy. This natural method of projecting colored lights on the skin promotes wellness from a physical and mental point of view. Chromotherapy can work on fatigue, depression, anxiety and it can be a good complement to hydrotherapy.

In quest for silence and relaxation? Our hot tubs are equipped with a backlit fountain with adjustable flow. Let the sound of flowing water totally soothe you to point of losing track of time.

Floating skimmer for clear water

Don't we say that the best accessories are the ones that we forget about? Floating skimmer technology ensures perfect treatment regardless of the number of people in the hot tub by stabilizing water level. Where the fixed skimmers become congested as soon as the water level is too high and no longer ensures the collection of elements from the surface, the floating skimmer remains at the ideal level and keeps skimming the surface of the water.


Control panel Balboa© TP800
Hydromassage Jets (x47) CMP® Stainless steel: 27 rotating + 20 twin-rotary
Hot air jets (x6) CMP® Stainless steel
Cervical massage Yes
Air control Venturi: Air/Water mix control
Audio Bluetooth Aquatic AV®
Water treatment Ozonator + UV lamp
Equipment LED jets + LED lighting, waterfall, soft headrests
Reference SP-HLHCD3
Pumps 2 x mono speed 3CV massage pumps + 1 x 0.3HP circulation pump
Blower 300W + 180W electrical resistance
Heating Balboa® 3 Kw
Filtration CMP® cartridge floating skimmer
Tub ABS-PMMA Lucite® acrylic + very high density insulating foam
Cabinet Very high density stratified HPL Nomawood®
Volume 1000L
Weight (empty) 551 lbs


Customize your hot tub cover

Customize your tub

Sterling Silver
Pearl White
Winter Solstice
Tuscan Sun
Majestic Sky
Pearl Shadow

Customize your cabinet

Dark Grey

Accessories included