Why choose the Panther pool cleaner?

An automatic robot for a clean pool all season long..

The ideal robot to clean the bottom of the pool. Suitable for all flat-bottomed basins, regardless of their shape or coating.

Fully automatic, it begins its cleaning cycle once immersed and automatically approaches the edge when the cycle is complete. It changes direction thanks to its detection system when it comes into contact with a wall. Steering wheels prevent it from jamming against the bottom drain of the pool.

Once the cleaning cycle is complete, the Red Panther can be easily removed from the water using the floating handle. An anti-return flap at the base of the robot retains the particles and dust that have been sucked in while cleaning the pool. its removable filter is easily cleaned.

This robot incorporates a Lithium-ion battery, giving it an exceptional autonomy of 120 min.

Ultra light with integrated floating handle and recovery float

At the end of its cycle, the Red Panther pool cleaner moves closer to the edge of the pool and can be more easily removed from the pool.

At only 5.5 kg, it is easy to remove from the pool thanks to its integrated floating handle and recovery float with which it can be pulled up.

2 large suction openings + finishing brush

Let the robot Red Panther clean your pool. Its filtration capacity is 10 to 11 m3/h with a movement speed of 18 m/min.

With its 2 large suction openings and its finishing brush, it is a perfect companion for cleanliness. The brush removes dirt at the bottom of the pool, which is then sucked up through the large openings.


In addition to the four main wheels that ensure the movement of the Red Panther at the bottom of the pool, four central wheels correct the trajectory of the robot if it runs into obstacles, and prevent it from getting stuck against the bottom drain.

Non-return flap

Once the particles have been removed and vacuumed from the bottom of the pool, the Red Panther ensures that they are not released into the wather thanks to an anti-return flap located at the base of it, preventing dirt from falling back into the water, particularly when the robot is removed from the water.

Reference RO-PANTHER1
Autonomy Up to 120 minutes
Lithium-ion Battery 6600 mAh
Motor capacity 50 W / 12 V
Filtration capacity 10-11 m3/h
Filter density 150µm
Speed 18m/min
Weight 5.5 kg
Operating temperature 17°C- 35°C
Charging time 6h (complete)
3-4h (rapid)
Dimensions 40x36x27cm
Surface Flat bottom
IP Index IPX8

Stand-alone electrical pool cleaner


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