Alto Confort Plus


Sauna Alto Confort Plus
Garantie électronique 2 ans
Garantie boiserie 10 ans

Infrared technology


1 place


Solid wood


Heating lounger

Sauna Revolution where you want it

The one-of-a-kind Alto Confort Plus lounger, rewarded for its innovation and design, invites you to freely enjoy the benefits and the pleasures of a sauna. This elegant, comfortable lounger can be placed anywhere in any room you wish. Its advanced infrared technology promotes relaxation and unwinding, calms your mind and relaxes your body on a daily basis.

With its multi-position backrests, seats and armrests, the Alto Confort Plus lounger invites you to enjoy an optimally-comfortable infrared session. Lean back, let go, your relaxation session can begin anytime, anywhere.


Targeted wellness

The Alto Confort Plus® is equipped with infrared carbon fiber panels. These transmitters cover the entire seating area - from the neck to the legs - to provide consistent warmth throughout the body.


Adjustable seat

The Alto Confort Plus offers you the choice of 3 positions for ideal comfort :

  • Sitting for a classic session
  • Intermediate to pursue a relaxing activity such as reading
  • Lying for an ideal relaxing moment.

Liftable armrests

To facilitate installation in the Alto Confort armchair, the armrests can be raised. Several levels of adjustments are also available for the armrests to find its ideal position.


Integrated carbon emitters

Under the chair are carbon-based infrared emitters along the entire length of the seat that emit ideal heat.


Remote control

The control command of the Alto Confort Plus chair allows you to choose the temperature and the duration of your session.

Solid wood

Alto Confort Plus

Alto Confort Plus

  • 1 place
  • 158 x 110 x 60 cm
  • 2 Carbon heating panels
  • Infrared power: 550 W
  • Control by remote control
  • Liftable in 6 positions