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Curves & excellence

Connexion to
domestic supply
4 colours


+ Rain effect integrated shower

+ Available in 4 colours

+ Foot rinse included

+ Aluminium structure

+ Shower/Foot rinse toggle switch

+ Fixation kit included

The waves of the BELLAGIO are a delight for design enthusiasts.

Its aluminium structure and its slightly glittering finish are a perfect mirror for the sun's reflections.

Its twin water supplies (hot and cold) provide a hot shower no matter the season. Its stainless steel mixer tap provides the user with precise temperature selection, while its toggle switch allows easy and practical selection of the integrated rainfall-effect showerhead or the foot rinse for easy and practical use.

Main features

An integrated rain effect shower head

A mixer and toggle switch to personnalize your moment of relaxation

A foot rinse to rinse one's feet or even fill a watering can

A brass connexion to the domestic water supply

Ornamental shower

limited edition

At Formidra, the outdoor shower is not just a utility item hidden behind a hedge. That's why our designers have created a sleek shower that comes in several metallic colors that sparkle in the sunlight.

The Bellagio outdoor shower connects to the home network. Create an extension of your bathroom with a welcoming outdoor space that you want to find at will for a moment of relaxation or a refreshing shower.

Technical characteristics

Colours Metallic Grey, Metallic Copper, Metallic Pink, Metallic Blue
Weight 10 kg
Height 228 cm
Base dimensions 25 x 40 cm
Material Aluminium
Kit de fixation Included
Warranty 2 years