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4 seats

Semi-rigid hot tub

portable spa vita

The Vita, a real spa with luxurious finishes, stands out with its stylish and elegant design.

Its 8 cm foam structure grants the Vita several advantages: fast assembly, greater rigidity compared to inflatable spas and better insulation thanks to its foam panels.

Optimal comfort is guaranteed with a foam mat directly integrated into the interior liner ensuring comfortable sitting, whilst the spa is top-edged with laminated PVC offering an elegant effect.

The spa uses the Netspa motor unit, which filters, heats and diffuses relaxing bubbles, and incorporates easy touch-control.


  • Triple fonction motor (Massage / Heating / Filtration)
  • Smart & energy saving motor unit
  • 10mA electrical power
  • 100% safe insulating cover
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Optimized insulation


  • Inflatable structure and electronics: 2 years
Installing the vita spa

Portable Spa

  • Easy assembly: the VITA can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Built with an ingenious system of 8 cm thick foam walls, it can be mounted in 15 minutes!
  • Optimal comfort: the compact foam walls offer a better seating position for a more pleasant session in your spa.
  • Design: designed with a superior leather look coating, the VITA adds an elegant decorative feature to your home or your garden.
optimal spa comfort

Added Comfort

NetSpa designed the VITA by respecting the standards applied in the best hot tubs. Ultra-deep, with 70 cm walls, you can fully immerse yourself for a complete massage session, lower and upper body. Ideal to seat 4 people, the VITA's liner is composed of a double padded bottom for optimal comfort.

Safety cover

100% secured

  • Differential current (DC) power connector with low intensity - 10mA - Closing of SPA with security system
  • Double insulation of the electric heater
  • Triple protection over suppression
  • Protection against overheated (Water up to 42°C)
  • Control Panel Locking

Included equipment

Vita packaging
Differential current plug
Differential current (DC) power connector
bacti-stop filter cartridge
1 bacti-stop filter
Protective cover
Drainage pipe
Drainage pipe
2 plugs
2 plugs
Filtration sleeve
Filtration sleeve

A revolutionary After-Sale solution

  • A process that’s easy for anyone to follow!
  • No maintenance or modification to the product
  • You no longer have to empty your tub to carry out repairs
  • Rapid repairs that are guaranteed to be effective!

Tub characteristics

Schema des dimensions
Capacity 4 persons
Internal dimensions Ø 140 cm x H 70 cm
External dimensions Ø 156 cm x H 70 cm
Volume of water 800 L
Weight (empty) 31 kg
Air nozzles 110
Liner 8 cm thick compact foam walls
Exterior liner 0.8 mm thick braided PVC finish
Interior Liner 0.6 mm pearl white acrylic

Filtration bloc unit
+ 1 anti-bacterial cartridge included

Isothermal cover 0.6 mm PVC with aluminium insulating sheet
Buckles Safe closing system with special clip-on buckles

Power unit characteristics

Schema du moteur
Control panel Integrated digital control panel
Power supply 240V ~ 50Hz
Pump Air and bubble pump 850 W
Bubble pump noise level 68 dB at 1 m
Filtration pump 40 W
Filtration noise level 55 dB at 1 m
Filtration flow 1200 L/h
PTC heating unit Power output 2000 W
Water heating speed 1.5°C – 3°C/hour
Maximum temperature 42 °C
Protection Dual insulated heating unit
Operating environment 5°C or above
Certification CE - GS