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5 a 6 personnes

Inflatable hot tub

Spa Boa

Confort, simplicity and premium style

An elegant, round-shaped spa

The Boa’s round shape and croc-effect layer give it a luxury outlook and provide a better protection. Suitable for 5 to 6 persons, the Boa is equipped with the Netspa motor unit, which heats, filters and diffuses relaxing bubbles, making it perfectly suitable for most domestic use.

This premium inflatable hot tub can accommodate between 5 and 6 persons. It is equiped with a NetSpa motor bloc with three functions : heating, filtration, relaxing bubbles..


  • Additional finish leatherette layer
  • Triple fonction: relaxing bubbles / chauffage / filtration
  • Heater double protection
  • Smart & energy saving motor unit
  • Built in inflator
  • Easy to install and use


  • Inflatable structure and electronics: 2 years
Easy assembly 15 minutes

Easy assembly: 15 minutes

Install your spa in less than 15 minutes. Refer to our video and enjoy your spa as quickly as possible.

Massage Heating and Filtration

Massage, heating and filtration

130 massage jets aligned in a 360 degree arrangement, combined with a powerful 650W blower ensure that massage bubbles are comfortably and equally distributed throughout the hot tub. The motor unit also allows the water inside the tub to quickly heat up to 42°C so that you can enjoy the spa lifestyle all year round.

100 per cent secure

100% secured

  • Low intensity differential current external power supply – 10mA
  • Lockable spa with security system
  • Dual insulated electric heating unit
  • Three kinds of backflow protection
  • Protection against overheating (water up to 42°C)
  • Locking of the control panel

Included equipement

Boa packaging
Differential current power connector
Differential current (DC) power connector
Anti bacterial filter
1 anti-bacterial filter cartridge
Protective cover
Protective cover
Drainage pipe
Drainage pipe
2 drainage plugs
2 drainage plugs
Filtration sleeve
Filtration sleeve

A revolutionary After-Sale solution

  • A process that’s easy for anyone to follow!
  • No maintenance or modification to the product
  • You no longer have to empty your tub to carry out repairs
  • Rapid repairs that are guaranteed to be effective!

Tub characteristics

Capacity 5/6 persons
Internal dimensions Ø 152 cm x H 70 cm
External dimensions Ø 195 cm x H 70 cm
Volume of water 800 L
Weight (empty) 31 kg
Air nozzles 130
Liner 0.6 mm beaded PVC liner 0.8 mm laminated PVC exterior finish
Filter pump 40 W
Filtration Filtration block + 1 anti-bacterial cartridge included

Motor unit characteristics

Schema du moteur
Control panel Integrated digital pannel
Power supply 240V ~ 50Hz
Pump Air and bubble pump 850 W
Bubble pump noise level 68 dB at 1 m
Filtration pump 40 W
Filtration noise level 55 dB at 1 m
Débit de filtration 1200 L/h
PTC heating unit Power output 2000 W
Water heating speed 1.5°C – 3°C/hour
Maximum temperature 42 °C
Protection Dual insulated heating unit
Operating environment 5°C or above