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4 personnes

Inflatable hot tub

Spa Aspen

All the charm of a spa

The Aspen square-shaped inflatable spa is compact and elegant, and ideal for 4 people. Refined and robust, the Aspen has an ultra-resistant laminated exterior and pearl interior liner.

The Aspen is supplied with a ‘smart’, economical motor unit providing three functions: Heating, Massage and Filtration.

You’ll love the design, adore the bubbles and appreciate the small price tag!

Features :

  • Double heater protection
  • 3 functions: Massage / Heating / Filtration
  • Smart, economic motor with automatic temperature regulation
  • Quick and easy insulation thanks to the integrated pump

Warranty :

  • Inflatable structure and electronics 1 year
Montage du spa

Fast assembly in 15 min

Assemble your spa in less than fifteen minutes. Use our video to help you enjoy your spa even more quickly.

Massage / Chauffage et Filtration

Massage, Heating, and Filtration

The massage jets, which are aligned in a 360 degree arrangement, combined with a powerful, 650W blower ensure that massage bubbles are comfortably and equally distributed throughout. The power unit also allows the water inside the tub to be quickly heated to 42°C so that you can enjoy the spa lifestyle all year round.

Bâche de sécurité

100% secure

  • Low intensity differential current external power supply – 10mA
  • Lockable spa with security system
  • Dual insulated electric heating unit
  • Three kinds of backflow protection
  • Protection against overheating (water up to 42°C)
  • Locking of the control panel

Included equipment

Boîte du Malibu
Differential current (DC) power connector
Valve d'air
Air valve
3 raccords
3 power unit connectors
Tapis de sol
Ground sheet with strapss
Filtration sleeve
Tuyau de gonflage
Inflation pipe
2 filtres
Bouchon de vidange
Drainage plug
Tuyau de drainage
Drainage pipe
2 bouchons
2 plugs
Kit de réparation
Repair kit

A revolutionary After-Sale solution

  • A process that’s easy for anyone to follow!
  • No maintenance or modification to the product
  • You no longer have to empty your tub to carry out repairs
  • Rapid repairs that are guaranteed to be effective!

Tub characteristics

Schema des dimensions
Capacity 4 people
Internal dimensions L 128 cm x l 128 cm x H 70 cm
External dimensions L 168 cm x l 168 cm x H 70 cm
Volume of water 700 L
Weight (empty) 27 kg
Air nozzles 110
Outer liner Laminated PVC
Inner liner Pearl-effect PVC
Ground protection Synthetic fabric mat
Cover Laminated PVC with a thickness of 0.6 mm and aluminium finish
Straps Secure locking with custom loops

Power unit details

Schema du moteur
Control panel Integrated digital control panel
Power supply 220-240V ~ 50Hz
Pump Air and bubble pump 650 W
Bubble pump noise 68 dB for 1 m
Filtration pump 40 W
Filtration pump noise 55 dB for 1 m
Filtration rate 1200 L/h
PTC heating unit Power output 1500 W
Water heating speed 1.5°C – 2.5°C/hour
Maximum temperature 42 °C
Dual insulated heating unit
Operating environment 5°C or above
Certification CE
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