Relaxation through hydrotherapy



Alone or accompanied, with bubbles, massaging jets, music, or even in silence just carried away by the weightlessness of the hot water, we all have our own rituals to make the most of our time in the spa.

relachement hydrotherapie

The weightlessness and warmth of the water in a spa have a soothing effect in themselves. Add to this bubbles and massaging jets and you enjoy a moment of complete mental relaxation.

Immersed in this safe cocoon, you free yourself from all the tensions of the day.

Why not go further and reinforce this anti-stress effect with soft music, subdued lighting and aromatherapy. All of these elements together lead naturally to gentle meditation: focusing on your breathing, thinking back on the day's events and detaching yoursel from them to let the stress swirl away.

detente musculaire hydrotherapie

Chronic back pain or mild post-workout muscle soreness, the weightlessness of the water lightens the body's weight and automatically relieves physical tension.

The warm water and massaging action of the spa's jets are also effective in relaxing and soothing tense muscles, aches and pains.

In fact, a hot water bath before exercise can help reduce the risk of injury.

meilleur_sommeil hydrotherapie

With your mind relaxed, your tensions eased, your muscles relieved: you may well fall into a more peaceful sleep. A warm bath alone can promote a deeper, more restful sleep.

Peace of mind with NetSpa hot tubs

Netspa hot tubs offer you this opportunity to relax. Our quality spas are supplied complete.

On our inflatable spas, the built-in motor inflates the spa in a matter of minutes. Once filled with water, it heats the water and sends out the bubbles!

Our semi-rigid spas have dense foam walls and can be assembled just as quickly. Equipped with an intelligent motor block that manages the filtration, heating and bubbles of the bath.

The Halfmoon et The Square are rigid acrylic hot tubs. They have been designed with ease of installation in mind, an essential component of NetSpa. With the Plug&Play feature, you can easily place your spa in the space you have provided for it. The ergonomic design of the bath invites you to enjoy the massage of the hydromassage jets, either sitting or lying down.

gamme de spas netspa