The Poolex UConnect kit is compatible with all swimming pool heat pumps of any make. It is supplied with 6 metre long connections and 1½’’ universal male adaptors.

The Poolex UConnect kit is powered via a 230V/12V transformer that can be linked to your heat pump or directly to your electrical system.

The Poolex UConnect kit can be installed at the edge of your pool in just a few minutes. It is not necessary to attach it and it can be removed at any time.

Its self-priming system provides simple fast start-up. It is compatible with all swimming pool heat pumps of any make.

It can be installed without the need for a by-pass kit or additional pump. Designed for intensive usage, Poolex UConnect is guaranteed for 2 years.

Mise en situation du Uconnect

Features :

  • Compact and universal
  • 32/38mm connector included
  • Self-priming system
  • Simple start-up
  • Designed for intensive use

Warranties :

  • Guaranteed for 2 years
Installation rapide
Système brevetée Poolstar
Power supply 230V
Pump motor 12V / 85W
Protection IPX8
Min. flow 3,8 m3/h
Max. flow 5,2 m3/h
Connector 1" ½
Warranty 2 years

230/12v Transformer + 8m of cable


1 power supply unit

2 HP/UC connector pipes (6m)

2 HP adaptors - diameter 30/38mm


1 fixing kit



Guaranteed for 2 years

Guaranteed for 2 years