Alto Vap Sauna

The traditional sauna

Sauna Alto Vap
Garantie électronique 2 ans
Garantie boiserie 10 ans

Steam Technology


2 places


Canadian red cedar and abachi




The XXL comfort sauna!

HOLL'S is particularly keen that traditional saunas lovers can also enjoy the comfort of the Alto Confort armchair. Spacious, the Alto VAP is inviting and invites you to enjoy the benefits of steam baths while being comfortably seated in an ingenious and pleasant chair. You can also relax with a chromotherapy system with advanced technology, adjustable by remote control. In addition, its large glazed area allows to enjoy a panoramic view of the outside.


XXL Sauna

Spacious Alto Vap is inviting and invites you to enjoy the benefits of steam baths while being comfortably seated in the ingenious Alto Comfort armchair.


Perfect aesthetics

The aesthetics of the Alto Vap will undeniably bring a touch of charm to any interior. Its large glazed area and state-of-the-art chromotherapy system provide an impressive visual effect.


LED light atmosphere

LED chromotherapy allows you to create different moods during your sauna session. Soothing, invigorating, anti-stress, with each color its benefit.


2 Alto Confort Included

The Alto Confort is distinguished by its ergonomic structure, studied in every detail to offer you a comfortable seat. Its armrests can be raised and adjusted for easy installation.

Equipped with three levels of inclinations, the Alto Confort offers you the choice of 3 positions for an ideal comfort:

  • Sitting for a classic session
  • Intermediate to pursue a relaxing activity such as reading
  • Lying for an ideal relaxing moment

Solid wood

With a double thickness to ensure a strong resistance and to avoid any loss, the HOLL'S Alto Sel uses solid woods respecting the Forest Stewardship Council charter, for a sustainable management of the forests.

Red cedar & abachi

Alto Vap

  • 2 persons
  • 220 x 200 x 190 cm
  • 2 Alto Confort loungers included
  • Completely glazed facade
  • Exterior red cedar and abachi wood
  • Interior LED Chromotherapy
  • Sauna kit included
  • Stove not included
  • Recommended stove 8kW
Plan du Alto Vap