Combi Access Sauna

The sauna
accessible to all!

Sauna Combi Access
Garantie électronique 2 ans
Garantie boiserie 10 ans

Access for reduced mobility


Folding handles


Canadian red cedar and abachi


Dual Healty and Steam Technology

Infrarouge / Vapeur

The sauna accessible to all!

Holl's launches its first sauna adapted for people with reduced mobility. Including a double sliding door to open and close the sauna easily. This cabin is also on the same level which allows the wheelchairs to pass without hindrance. The bench is also equipped with fixed and removable reinforcements to allow to sit autonomously. This sauna matches the spirit of the Hybrid Combi, which allows it to enjoy the choice of Full Spectrum infrared technology or a steam session.


Dual Healthy Technology

Dual Healthy technology, associates in each infrared panel, a Quartz transmitter and a magnesium transmitter. Quartz has the particularity of heating almost instantly and providing powerful heat. Its short waves allow to penetrate deeper into the skin to relieve the body. Magnesium meanwhile emits a softer heat very pleasant to relax. Its startup time is about 15 minutes before being optimal.


Steam sauna & Dual Healthy

The Hybrid Combi revolutionizes the practice of sauna since it allows to choose between 3 modes of operation. A steam session via the electric stove (not included), a Infrared Quartz session to enjoy a superficial intense heat, or a magnesium infrared session with a softer but more penetrating dry heat, and all this, in the same sauna cabin large capacity.


LED Control panel + FM / USB / Bluetooth stereo audio system

Because comfort does not stop at the heat, The control panel shows the desired temperature as well as the current temperature. It allows to control the temperature, start a timer, and manage the LED lights.

The integrated audio system allows you to listen to your favorite music, either by USB key or memory card, but also by bluetooth, or listen to the FM radio of your choice.


LED light atmosphere

LED chromotherapy allows you to create different moods during your sauna session. Soothing, invigorating, anti-stress, with each color its benefit.


6mm secure glass door

Access to your sauna has never been easier. Holl's saunas doors are made of 6mm safety glass to guarantee insulation, comfort and safety in the event of door breakage. The wooden handle is also equipped with a magnet to keep it closed.

Red cedar & abachi

Combi Access

  • 4 persons + free passage area of 150 cm
  • 204 x 225 x 193 cm
  • 7 infrared emitters Quartz + Magnesium
  • Heating power: 2550 W
  • Sauna kit included
  • 6 kW stove included
  • Abachi wood bench and headrests
  • Exterior and interior in red cedar and abachi
  • Armrest
  • Double sliding safety glass door
  • Digital control panel
  • Interior LED Chromotherapy
  • Bluetooth MP3 player + 2 speakers
Plan du Combi Access