Cilindro H stove

A welcoming
economical stove

- Electric stove -
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Poêle Harvia Cilindro H

Electric stove

The electric stove Harvia Cilindro H welcomes a large amount of stones, for a pleasant session of sauna. The Cilindro H has a partially open envelope at the front, which allows the user to enjoy the benefits of a large amount of stones, but also to place the stove in a smaller space. Thanks to the envelope, the safety distances are reduced, which allows the stove to be placed in a smaller space and to install benches nearby. This gives more creative freedom to design saunas. The stove has an integrated control center and the controls are located at the bottom, on the front of the stove.


schema poêle Harvia Cilindro H
Type Electric stove
Power 6,8 kW
Recommended volume (min-max) 6 - 10 m3
Min. Sauna height 190 cm
Dimensions (Diam. x H) 360 x 930 mm
Weight (without stones) 17 kg
Max. capacit 90kg
Electricity supply 230 V 1N~ / 400 V 3N~
Cables 3 x 6mm2 / 5 x 1,5mm2
Fuses 1 x 35A / 3x 10A
Safety distance :
A - Around
B - Front
C - Ceiling
D - Floor
E - Max Width
F - Depth Max.

30 mm
100 mm
950 mm
50 mm
420 mm
470 mm

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