Inobike 8 aquabike

Sport Brake swimming pool bike

Inobike 8 bike

TECHNOBRAKE+©gear lever

The new Inobike 8 aquabike combines the appeal of its design with technical innovations to offer you enhanced performance.

This aquabike uses bicycle spinning principles. Ease-of-use, efficient resistance and enhanced sensations.

Discover its new system with adjustable setting of effort level using the gear lever, allowing you to personalise your workout. Furthermore, its comfort of use barefoot, like its fast drainage, are indisputable assets in standard use.

Use: Intensive
1/4 Bodybuilding, 1/3 Drainage and 3/4 Re-education

Technobrake+© technological innovation and proven resistance

The Inobike 8 has a mechanical system that combines the efficiency of a rubber brake stop with the precision of a gear lever. Adjustment is done while you are working out, without you even having to stop pedalling, by simple pressure on the gear lever, for highly accurate and simple measurement of your resistance. You therefore improve your performance while you are training.


Gear lever + Spinning Pro System

The INOBIKE 8 has a mechanical system that combines the efficiency of a rubber brake stop acting on a wheel made of marine stainless steel (AISI 316L) with the precision of a 3-position gear lever, to give you a simple and extremely accurate measurement of your strength. Improve your performance when you train.

AquaSpeed 2 pedal

AquaSpeed 2 Pedal

The AquaSpeed 2 pedals are thermo-moulded and fitted with fixed straps, optimised for barefoot use.

Sport Handlebars

Sport Handlebars

The design of the handlebars allows for three different training positions to suit each person’s needs.

Reference Marking

Reference Marking

Maximum ease of use for the user has been achieved through reference marking that allows the position of the saddle and handlebars to be changed.

Adaptive Ergonomics

With its 6 adjustment settings and its Clic&Turn system, the Inobike range adapts to all body sizes and to all types of pool.

Inobike 7 adaptive ergonomics


Material: 100% marine stainless steel (AISI 316L)

Finish: Brushed steel with corrosion protection treatment

Resistance: Felt brake pad adjusted by using the gear lever + AquaSpeed 2 pedals

Saddle: Flexible, anatomical design, comfortable to sit on and easy to maintain

Pedals: Stainless steel ball bearings and sealing rings

Handlebars: Ergonomic design with non-scratch handles

Adjustments: Height and depth adjustments for handlebars and saddle In front of and behind overlaps

Wheels: Stainless steel ball bearings on white non-scratch wheels, easy movement

Stability: White non-scratch stability pads

Coating: Adapted to all coatings (liner, PVC, tiles, shell, polyester, etc.)

Water type: Suitable for thermal water, seawater and chlorinated water

Tightening: Innovative click & turn system for a vertical position, prevents injury

Weight: 22.9kg

Min. Dimensions : L 96 x W 55 x H 120 cm

Max. Dimensions : L 120 x W 55 x H 164 cm

Depth: 1.10m to 1.60m

Warranty: 3 years for the metal frame 6 months’ wear and tear