Poolstar - Designer / Manufacturer


Our ideas come quite simply from your suggestions, from those of your clients and also from close observation of products in the swimming pool world. At Poolstar, we are always trying to improve our products and invent new ones. We have a natural tendency to challenge old habits and to ‘re-think’ products on the basis of consumers’ actual requirements. This natural tendency is in our DNA.


At Poolstar, we believe that if a product is both attractive and practical, it has every chance of being selected by the consumer. That is why we have been working with our designers for more than 10 years, so that the launch of any new product is a magical moment. About it, what do you think of the design of our solar showers, our Holl’s saunas, our stand-up paddle boards and our spas?


A product may be attractive but above all it must be practical, robust and useful. For this reason our engineers work in close collaboration with our designers in these two areas. They bring their technical know-how and experience of materials and their constraints as well as an indisputable ability to invent something ‘extra’ that appeals to the consumer.


Our innovations are widely recognised on the market. Our policy of filing patents ensures the protection of our innovations and the unique character of our products.


We ourselves manufacture the results of our innovative designs. For us, this manufacturing role is essential since it allows us to simultaneously control quality, delivery lead times and costs. We manufacture in Italy, Finland, Canada, Belgium, Israel and China.


Our brands reflect our design and manufacturing capabilities. They are recognised in each of our areas of activity. For your clients they guarantee the purchase of a high quality product at an attractive price.


Our ability to both design and manufacture at reasonable cost allow us to extend our existing markets to reach clients who theoretically did not think they could afford these products. In this respect, we are continually creating new markets and approaching new clients, and thereby generating additional sales.